Azerbaijan is the third fastest growing economy in the world and has a booming industry. The sector is growing year by year. Substantial increases in business and residential construction and in infrastructure  have been registered since the late 2010s, in response to the growth of both commercial and household purchasing power.

• Azerbaijan has a population of almost 9,6 million people and capital city is Baku.
• GDP per capita is $ 85 billion (2015 est.).
• Azerbaijan, one of the oldest oil producing countries in the world, is an important oil and natural gas supplier in the Caspian Sea region, particularly for European   markets
• Huge oil export revenues have funded infrastructure projects and boosted living standards and housing consequently the import of furniture and home textile.
• Azerbaijan's high economic growth has been attributable to large and growing oil and gas exports, but some non‐export sectors also featured double‐digit growth,   including construction, furniture, home textile, banking, and real estate.
• Trade with Russia and the other former Soviet republics is declining in importance, while international trade with the nations of Europe and rest of the world is rapidly   increasing.
• The growth of demand for better living conditions, real estate demands in Azerbaijan are increasing on yearly basis. Because the income of the population is growing   with the state and industry development, the demand for new construction is increasing.
• There are also similar opportunities in agricultural, transport and industrial sectors, resulting from positive economical reforms and target programmes carried out by   the Azerbaijan government for developing the non-oil sectors.